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Energize with Energy Drinks

Energize with Energy Drinks

Examples: 5-hour ENERGY (2 oz.)*, Red Bull, Monster Energy
Calories: 4*-110
Electrolytes: No
Carbohydrates: Yes
Caffeine: Yes
Protein: No

The Science Says: You’d have to drink 21⁄2 cans of Red Bull to get 200 mg of caffeine. There’s no evidence that the “energizing” ingredients (ginseng, taurine, B vitamins) added will give you a boost.

What It's Best For: If you don’t like coffee, but need a pick-me-up. Buyer beware: there are no studies on how the ingredients act in your body when combined. And the caffeine in them when mixed with alcohol may make you feel less intoxicated than you really are.

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