Top Sources of Omega-3s (Page 4)

Tuna, Albacore

3. Tuna, Albacore* (canned)

Canned albacore tuna has 900 mg of omega-3s per 3-ounce serving.

Eat more tuna with these healthy recipes:
Healthy Tuna Recipes
Skillet Tuna Noodle Casserole
Mediterranean Tuna Antipasto Salad
Tuna Pomodoro
Grilled Tuna with Olive Relish
Tuscan-Style Tuna Salad

*Pregnant women and young children should consider chunk light tuna instead; it's lower in mercury (and omega-3's). Only albacore tuna that's "troll- or pole-caught" in the U.S. or British Columbia is sustainably fished. Look for those terms on the label or for the Marine Stewardship Council's blue eco-label.

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