The Importance of Sleep For Your Health and 6 Sleep Remedies to Get More Sleep (Page 3)

A Stronger Immune System

1. A Stronger Immune System

Skimping on sleep can compromise your immune system. A 2012 article in the journal Sleep reported that sleep deprivation had the same effect on the immune system as physical stress—such as from an illness or surgery, or grieving for a loved one. After sleeping eight hours a night for one week, the men in the study were kept awake for 29 hours.  This major sleep deprivation caused an increase in certain white bloods cells that are key players in immune activity.

Another recent study published in the same journal found that shorter sleep duration adversely affected study participants’ responses to a standard hepatitis B vaccination. Researchers suggest this decreased antibody response may explain why people who don’t get enough sleep are more susceptible to infectious diseases.

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