The Best & Worst Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of year: Girl Scout Cookies are here! It can be hard to escape the temptation of these delicious annual treats, they seem to be everywhere. While you don't need to deprive yourself, it can't hurt to educate yourself a bit on the cookies we all love.

We've compiled a list of all the cookies that will be offered this year to help you choose. We sized up the nutrition information and picked out the healthiest and least healthy cookies. And whether you are vegan or gluten-free, there are cookies that can fit into your diet too. Just remember, one sleeve or one box is not a serving of cookies—portion control is key here.

One important note, a few of the cookies are made at two different bakeries. Because of this, the names may vary and there can be a slight difference in the nutrition information based on where they were made. For the most accurate information on nutrition and ingredients go to

—EatingWell Editors

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