The Best and Worst Iced Coffee Drinks & Frozen Coffee Drinks

How to order a healthier iced coffee.

The popular Starbucks Frappuccino set the stage for our love of iced coffees and frozen coffee drinks at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Seattle’s Best and Einstein Bros. But each of these choices and more come with varying degrees of nutritional value. Here’s a look at how 16-ounce iced coffee and frozen coffee drinks stack up nutritionally, in terms of calories and fat, at some popular fast-food restaurants.

Pictured: EatingWell Frozen Mochaccino

Overall, you can make the best choices by choosing the smallest size available, opting for skim milk and asking your barista to withhold any whipped or chocolate topping. Ordering the iced coffee (mocha) version of each of these drinks can cut the calorie load significantly—in some shops by as much as half. Also, a straight-up iced coffee (with skim milk, which you might have to specify) is, of course, the skinniest sip—most of the 16-ounce varieties deliver less than 100 calories.

—Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., EatingWell Nutrition Editor

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