The Best & Worst Fast-Food Smoothies (Page 5)

Starbucks Chocolate Smoothie

Pictured: Starbucks Chocolate Smoothie

Diet Busting Drink #4

Diet Busting Drink: Starbucks Chocolate Smoothie made with 2% milk (16 oz.), 300 calories, 34 grams total sugars

Lighter Option to Order: Starbucks Orange Mango Smoothie made with nonfat milk (16oz), 260 calories, 37 grams of total sugar

Better Option to Make at Home: Wake Up Smoothie (8 oz.), 157 calories, 17 grams total sugars (Bonus: 0 grams added sugars)

Total Savings vs. Diet Busting Drink: 143 calories, 17 grams total sugars. When it comes to calories Starbucks is a worthy competitor, but at second glance our Wake Up Smoothie excels with more than 100 percent of your daily value for Vitamin C and 16 percent of your daily value for fiber.

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