Strawberry Nutrition and Health Benefits of Strawberries (Page 5)

Quell Sugar Spikes

Pictured Recipes: Wake-Up Smoothie

4. Quell Sugar Spikes

In a recent Finnish study, when healthy women ate white bread with strawberries, their glycemic response to the bread improved by 36 percent over that of subjects who ate just the bread. ­Researchers explain that com­ponents in the strawberries (polyphenols again!) slow the breakdown and absorption of carbs, decreasing the need for insulin to maintain normal blood glucose. And, in another recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, when overweight adults consumed either a strawberry beverage or a placebo in combination with a high-carbohydrate meal, the strawberry drinkers showed a significant decrease in the potentially damaging inflammation that typically follows a high-carb meal.

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