Prevent Aging Skin By Avoiding These Foods That Age You (Page 6)

Foods that Age: Fried, Grilled and Broiled Foods

Foods that Age: Fried, Grilled and Broiled Foods

When certain foods are cooked in certain ways, guess what forms? Fat plus protein plus high, dry heat = AGEs! Broiling, grilling and high-heat frying can all create AGEs. Those sear marks on a deliciously grilled steak, the finger-licking crispy bits on fried chicken, the crunch of browned bacon and basically any charred bits are all evidence of AGEs.

Researchers are noticing higher levels of AGEs in people in part because of the spread of processed foods. Yes, AGEs are also present in many processed foods that have been exposed to high temperatures to lengthen their shelf life. That high heat reacts with the sugars and fats to form AGEs. No need to switch to a raw diet though. Cooking methods that involve lots of water—such as steaming, stewing, poaching, braising and blanching—reduce the AGE-creation process because the liquid offsets the heat. So the more you cook with water, the more you stop AGEs.

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