Make Your Resolutions Stick: 3 Resolutions to Keep and 3 to Ditch in 2014 (Page 7)

Banning Dessert

Pictured Recipe: Baby Tiramisù

3 Resolutions to Ditch:

3. Banning Dessert

According to a recent study, people who felt guilty eating chocolate cake were more likely to overindulge during meals and less likely to maintain their weight. According to Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., the author of Intuitive Eating, restricting certain foods can lead to uncontrollable urges and overeating. Therefore, restricting yourself from your favorite foods—or feeling guilt when you do eat them—is counterproductive and may inhibit your weight loss or even lead to additional weight gain. Instead of thinking of foods as "good" or "bad," think of them as "sometimes" vs. "all-the-time" foods. Or try choosing the healthiest option of your favorite treat, and eating it sparingly. For example, if chocolate is your downfall, make it a small piece of dark chocolate. You’ll enjoy the benefits of heart-healthy antioxidants in the dark chocolate while you get your sweet treat fix.

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