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Add Flavor Training Wheels

Add Flavor Training Wheels

Though artificial sweeteners can be counterproductive, a little bit of sweet can actually trick your brain into liking certain foods. We can develop a taste for sour or bitter fruits and veggies, like grapefruit or asparagus, by first getting used to a sweetened version, according to a study in the journal Appetite. Researchers first served up regular ol' broccoli and cauliflower. Next, they doled out versions that had been briefly dipped in a mixture of distilled water and 20 percent sugar. After three days of dining on the slightly sweetened version, the testers' taste for the unsweetened produce improved significantly. "It's like flavor training wheels to get you to start accepting a particular food in your diet," says Stuckey. "Just a touch of sugar helps to mitigate the bitterness or sourness. It also buys you time to get familiar with the aromas and textures of the food. You can eventually eliminate the sugar because you've already gotten over the biggest obstacles and are more likely to accept the food now." In addition to the sugar-water-dip method, you can top vegetables with a brown sugar sauce or add sweet citrusy dressings.

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