Kitchen Threats: Avoiding Foodborne Illness (Page 5)

4. Uncooked Eggs

4. Uncooked Eggs

If you enjoy eating eggs with runny yolks or snitching a bit of raw batter when you’re making cookies, you’re not alone. But the USDA recommends avoiding raw or undercooked eggs (especially for young children and the elderly) because of the possibility of food borne illness, like Salmonella. If you can’t keep your hands (or your kids’ hands) out of the cookie batter or you’re working with a recipe that calls for raw or undercooked eggs, consider pasteurized-in-the-shell eggs. They’re no different than regular eggs except they’ve been heat-treated to kill any harmful bacteria—making them safe to consume raw or partially cooked. Look for them in large supermarkets near other in-the-carton eggs.

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