How to Hydrate: A Special Report that Answers the Question Why Should I Drink Water

By Rachael Moeller Gorman, "Glass Half Full?," July/August 2011

Why drink water? A report on the connection between water and health.

Cheuvront’s work on hydration filters down—and can be applied to everyone, not just soldiers and athletes. For example, Cheuvront has synthesized his research into three simple questions to determine whether someone’s dehydrated: Am I thirsty? Is my morning urine dark yellow? Is my body weight this morning more than a couple pounds (or about 1 percent) lower than it was yesterday morning? If you answer yes to one of these questions, you might be dehydrated. Yes to two: you are likely dehydrated. Yes to three: you are very likely dehydrated.

Understanding how much water a soldier needs when in full gear versus shorts and a T-shirt (something Cheuvront has also studied) provides greater understanding of, say, how much water you need if you’re a weekend warrior or someone gardening on a 90° day. Are you thirsty yet?

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