Holiday Food Temptations and How to Beat Them (Page 3)


Food Temptation—An Open Bar at the Office Holiday Party

How to Beat It: Aside from the fact that you don’t want the CEO to catch you slurring your words, going overboard on the booze usually means overdoing it on the calorie front too. This year, when you walk up to the bar, think small. Regardless of what color you’re drinking, limit your pour size by asking for a white-wine glass instead of a big red-wine glass. Drinking a cocktail? Trade your tonic water, soda or juice mixer for a diet version or club soda. Then walk away from the bar. Far away. Because the more stops you introduce in getting another drink—such as a co-worker’s talkative wife or the person who, after hours, still wants to talk about work—the more opportunities you have to ask, “Do I really need it?”

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