Heartburn Remedies: Natural Ways to Prevent Heartburn (Page 3)

Eat at a Leisurely Pace

Tip 1. Eat at a Leisurely Pace

Here’s the good news: preventing heartburn isn’t just about avoiding triggers. There are actions you can take as well.

Enjoying one of life’s great pleasures is reason enough to linger over a good meal. But research suggests that eating at a leisurely pace has a practical benefit too. At the Medical University of South Carolina, 20 volunteers were invited to eat a 690-calorie meal consisting of a chicken burger, French fries and a 16-ounce soda on two separate days. The first meal they scarfed down in five minutes flat. The next occasion they consumed the food over a leisurely half hour. Episodes of heartburn were much less likely to occur when people ate slowly. One reason may be that the volunteers chewed more and produced more saliva, which neutralizes stomach acid.

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