"Healthy" Kids' Foods That Aren't (Page 6)

Snack Crackers

5. Snack Crackers

I see kids eating snack crackers in the grocery cart, in their car seats, in church and at the doctor’s office—and Goldfish crackers seem to be EVERYWHERE. I know they are convenient and kids love them. But the main ingredient in the original Goldfish crackers is unbleached enriched wheat flour, which is essentially another name for white flour and delivers little nutritional value. When I shop for crackers, I always read the ingredient list first looking for whole grains (look for the words “whole wheat,” “stoneground whole wheat”, “oatmeal” and “whole cornmeal”).

Pepperidge Farm now makes whole-grain cheddar cheese flavored goldfish crackers in 100 Calorie Pouches. The first ingredient is whole grain wheat flour, making them a better choice because, although most of the nutritionals are the same (calories, fat, sodium, etc.), at least they deliver some fiber.

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