Eat Fruit, Stay Slim?

By EatingWell Editors, November/December 2009

A diet filled with fruit may help keep you lean.

People who eat dried fruit and drink 100 percent fruit juice may be leaner than those who don’t, suggest two new studies presented at the 2009 Experimental Biology conference. In one of the studies, the people who drank fruit juice also exercised more and had more nutritious diets (e.g., ate less fat and sugar and more fiber), which suggests they may have other healthy habits, too, like eating properly sized portions. Whatever your preferred form of fruit—fresh, dried or juiced—note the calorie contribution of each.

For 100 calories, here’s how much you get:

Grape juice, unsweetened: 2⁄3 cup

Raisins, seedless: 64 (2 Tbsp.)

Grapes: 1 cup

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