6 Resolutions You Should Make This Year (Page 5)

4. Choose Fruit for Your Snacks

4. Choose Fruit for Your Snacks

Snacks—actual, hungry-between-meals snacks, not the it-would-be-fun-to-eat-now kind—are a great opportunity to round out your diet with foods you’re not getting in other meals. Fruit is a great choice for snacking, since fresh fruit tends to be low in calories, while delivering fiber and water—two things that can take the edge off hunger. Not only that, fruit provides healthy antioxidants, which may ward off free-radical damage that contributes to chronic disease and even wrinkles. Plus, opting for fruit can give you a chance to assess whether you’re really hungry or just snacky. If you want to eat that apple (or orange or what have you), presto…you were hungry. And now you’ve eaten an apple! If not, maybe you could hold off on snacking until your hunger increases.

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