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3. Try New Ways (Besides Salt) to Flavor Your Food

3. Try New Ways (Besides Salt) to Flavor Your Food

There’s no doubt about it—salt adds flavor to food. But too much salt is also linked to high blood pressure, a.k.a. the “silent killer.” The daily recommended limit is 2,300 milligrams—the amount in just 1 teaspoon of table salt. Yet most Americans consume more than twice that. To flavor your food without overdoing the sodium, start with fresh ingredients and experiment with new flavorings. Acidic flavorings like lemon or lime juice and vinegar can help bring out a food’s inherent savoriness, helping you reduce or even eliminate salt. A sprinkle of fresh grated lemon zest, chopped fresh or dried herbs, garlic or shallots can add an abundance of flavor. The EatingWell Test Kitchen also recommends using salt-free seasoning blends like lemon pepper, poultry seasoning and salt-free herb blends like Mrs. Dash.

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