5 Weight-Loss Truths Hidden in Trendy Diets (Page 6)

Keep An Eye On Sugars

5. Keep An Eye On Sugars

The Zone, South Beach, Sugar Busters and Atkins all had us cutting back on sugars. While I don’t advocate limiting healthy foods that naturally contain sugars, like fruits and dairy (unless you have diabetes and your doctor tells you to), I agree that cutting added sugars is good for our health and our “bottom lines.” The average American consumes 355 calories of added sugars each day. A year ago, the American Heart Association released recommendations advising women to eat no more than 100 calories per day from added sugars (that’s about 6 teaspoons) and men to stick to less than 150 calories, approximately 9 teaspoons. “Sugars” on Nutrition Facts panels include natural and added sugars, so check ingredient lists for sugar and all its aliases: corn syrup, honey, molasses, etc. The closer sugars are to the top of the list, the more the food contains.

Recipes to try: Naturally sweet diet-friendly desserts with low or no added sugars.

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