5 Nutrition Myths Busted

By EatingWell Editors

Here are five top nutrition myths, busted with the cold, hard facts:

5. Myth: Getting the recommended daily servings of veggies is impossible.

While the number of vegetable servings you should eat depends on a variety of things—how old you are, how active, whether you’re male or female—the latest recommendations advise eating at least 5 servings a day. But it’s easier than you think: first of all, a standard serving of vegetables is only ½ cup. (For raw leafy greens, it’s 1 cup.) And it’s easy to fit them all in if you include them at every meal. Try spinach in your eggs in the morning and have a big salad topped with some cucumbers and tomatoes for lunch. At dinner, fill half your plate with grilled veggies. There. You’re done!

Eat more veggies with these healthy recipes:

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