5 Nutrition Myths Busted

By EatingWell Editors

Here are five top nutrition myths, busted with the cold, hard facts:

2. Myth: Oatmeal is always a healthier breakfast option than eggs.

Both eggs and oatmeal are great breakfast choices, says Jennifer Neily, R.D., a dietitian at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. “I love oatmeal because ¾ cup of the dry oats provides 3 grams of soluble oat fiber needed for cholesterol-lowering.” Neily adds that “there’s also something about a hot breakfast that gives a ‘stick to the ribs’ feeling and is very satiating for most people.” As for eggs, they’re an excellent source of protein that also makes for a solid breakfast, says Neily. Research has shown that protein can help keep you fuller, since protein takes longer than carbohydrates to digest.

Eat a better breakfast with these healthy recipes:

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