5 Asparagus Myths Busted

5 myths about asparagus busted

Learn more about asparagus with these 5 asparagus myths busted.

Asparagus, with its delicate green color, bright flavor and newborn-shoot shape isn’t so much a sign of spring as it IS spring. Served on its own (roasted in the oven, with just a little olive oil and sea salt), asparagus has a rich, complex flavor with hints of lemon and caramelized sugar. Delish!

And yet, there are many people who don’t enjoy this delectable spring favorite. Some might be intimidated by asparagus’s strong flavor and strange shape. Others might have had it ruined for them as kids when an overzealous cook boiled it to oblivion. Maybe there are even some who are simply unfamiliar with asparagus and aren’t sure what all the fuss is about.

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Here is a brief list of asparagus myths busted.

Matthew Thompson, Former Associate Food Editor for EatingWell

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