4 Sneaky Health-Food Ingredients To Watch Out For (Page 5)

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners in “Lower-Sugar” And “Sugar-Free” Products

Most of us eat too much sugar. On average, Americans consume 475 calories of added sugars every day (that’s 30 teaspoons), which is three or four times what’s recommended by the American Heart Association. And according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, 16 percent of kids and adolescents’ total daily calories comes from added sugars! To cut back on added sugars, food products labeled “lower sugar” or “sugar-free” may seem like a healthier alternative. But you might be surprised to know that some of these food products—like some lower-sugar instant oatmeals and sugar-free jams and jellies—may be made with artificial sweeteners. If you want to limit your artificial-sweetener consumption, check the ingredient list for these terms: sucralose, aspartame, saccharin and stevia.

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