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“Skillpower” Gets You Further Than Willpower

“Skillpower” Gets You Further Than Willpower

David L. Katz, doctor of preventive medicine at Yale, public-health guru and EatingWell advisor
Disease-Proof: The Remarkable Truth About What Makes Us Well (Penguin)

"Think of a really hard thing, like going up Mt. Everest," Katz says. "You could want it really badly, but still fail if you have no mountaineering skills." It’s the same when trying to lose weight or find health. "People are using only willpower," he says. In a world that works largely against us—he points to ads telling us that marshmallows are part of a complete breakfast—the reliance on just willpower often results in failure. So Katz offers a toolbox of skills to make it easier to get on a healthy track—like how to eat less and still feel full or how to tame your sweet tooth.

Sweet-Tooth Rehab
Old Way: With willpower you give up dessert. But you still crave it and think about it all the time. So, eventually, you fall off the wagon.
Smarter Way: With "skillpower" you reduce the stealth sugar hiding in your pasta sauce, bread, crackers, yogurt, etc. by reading labels. The less sugar you eat, the more sensitive to sugar your taste buds become. The result: that dessert you used to crave will soon taste too sweet.

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