Q. Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Regular Salt?

Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Regular Salt?

A. Even if you’re watching your sodium intake, you can enjoy sea salts. While gram for gram sea salts contain as much sodium as table salt, their larger crystals and unique flavors, derived from various sources, may result in your using less salt overall, says Chef Kyle Shadix, M.S., R.D., director at Nutrition + Culinary Consultants in New York City. Sel Gris de Í’lle de Ré gets its color from gray clay; Maldon has a distinct fine-flake crystal structure; and Himalayan Pink is named for the mountains where it’s mined. Another way to minimize sodium: don’t salt while you’re cooking and instead simply sprinkle a pinch of coarse sea salt on your finished dish before serving. Find interesting sea salts at gourmet shops or online at


Sea salt usually contains additional minerals and the flavor can differ depending on where the seawater
was obtained. Some gourmet cooks collect a variety of sea salts and are able to identify the distinct flavor of each. Iodine isn't added to sea salt however iodine may be present depending on the water source.


05/12/2014 - 12:23pm

Is It Possible To Live Only On Sea Salt? If So I Can Wholy Bid Farewell To Table Salt. Wow!


05/01/2014 - 2:46pm

All Salt is Sea Salt - there is no salt where there once was not a sea. Processing only makes it pour better and dissolve faster (since it is smaller crystals).


04/24/2014 - 12:28pm

Neither is not the answer at all. If you eliminate too much salt. You will suffer many complications.


02/14/2014 - 1:11pm

They contain the same amount of sodium? I Still dont understand... which one is healthier?!?!?!


01/31/2014 - 2:57pm

All processed food kills, manipulates or destroys healthy cells whether or not it the same scientic element. its how the human body process it. the best choice is to choose natural when possible


01/07/2014 - 9:43am

Iodine in sea salt very low-unless it has seaweed added


12/31/2013 - 3:42am

Isn't the best choice neither?


12/05/2013 - 4:28pm

Table salt is made in the lab.. Na Cl = NaCl.
Sea salt is evapourated to crystals.

They smell very different and sometimes taste different to me.


09/29/2013 - 11:17am

According lab research that I participated in table salt has Avery polluted version of sodium which by the time iodine is introduced to table salt the integrity of the iodine is reduced to nothing. Sea salt has the natural ocean resources for the nutrients and don't contain polluted or contain instead particles unless, a crude oil spill is introduced to the sea banks or ocean water that the sea salt is harvested from


09/24/2013 - 12:42pm

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