How to Eat and Exercise to Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss from Sarcopenia (Page 7)

Do Some Resistance Training

5. Do Some Resistance Training

“It’s massively important for building muscle—and preventing it from vanishing in the first place,” says Paddon-Jones. About 20 to 30 minutes of resistance training, three times a week, is what’s often recommended. But research shows that one to two short resistance workouts each week can improve muscle mass and strength. The key is to really tax your muscles and to vary your workouts by mixing up the exercises, number of reps and the weight you use (e.g., heavy weights and fewer reps one day, lighter weights and more reps the next). Also, make sure you get some protein in your system about an hour or so before (or right after) you hit the gym. The marriage of protein and exercise gives you added benefits. Paddon-Jones found that study participants who noshed on 30 grams of protein pre-workout increased their muscle-­building potential by 100 percent. If you lift weights on protein fumes, on the other hand, you won’t get nearly the same results. But grabbing a high-protein snack, particularly milk or whey protein, post-workout can be beneficial as well.

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