Foods to Help Manage Menopause (Page 3)

Battle Mood Swings

2. Battle Mood Swings

How to Eat: Up your intake of B vitamins and omega-3 fats. We all experience mood swings from time to time, but during menopause these swings can seem worse and more difficult to handle. Many women report increased feelings of depression and/or anxiety during menopause. Not getting enough B vitamins and omega-3s may contribute to depression.

Vitamin-B-rich foods you should try to work into your diet: Whole, unprocessed foods like lean meat and poultry, liver, whole grains and lentils are all rich in B vitamins.

Omega-3-rich foods you should try to work into your diet: Up your intake by working oily fish (salmon, tuna, sardines), flaxseeds and/or flaxseed oil into your diet.

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