Can Vitamin C Save Your Skin?

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., March/April 2008

Eating more vitamin-C rich foods may be a secret to smoother skin.

"Vitamin C is certainly critical for synthesis of collagen, as is adequate amounts of the amino acid Lysine. "

Hi Norma, You said you used Vit C. Could u elaborate on that. Like what product did u use. Exactly how did u apply Vit C on your face? Thanks Aps

Aps, San Ramon, CA

08/31/2009 - 5:57pm

I can attest to that. Have been using Vit C on my skin for a long time and people are amazed how young I look.

Norma, Ajax, ON

08/31/2009 - 5:57pm

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