3 Ways to Beat Your Age

By Nicci Micco, November/December 2007

Tips on staying young from Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. and Michael F. Roizen, M.D.

"Do you realize that our body is "age-ing, cancer-ing, and disease-ing" every minute of every day, due to oxidative stress and free radical damage. Oxidative stress is a big deal contributing to our ailing health conditions and premature...

3. Detoxify your world.

They say: “Now we are exposed to hundreds [of toxins] daily, which stress our systems and tax them as we age.”

Why? Chronic exposure to chemicals and microorganisms (think: dust mites) can cause fatigue or “a general feeling of blahness” because they cause our liver and immune system to work harder at detoxifying the body. As a result, we’re more prone to feeling the effects of aging.

Try: Switching to gentler cleaning products, removing your shoes when you enter the house (and wiping pets’ paws when they do) to avoid tracking in pesticides, etc., and using dehumidifiers to reduce mold.

Photo Credit: James Robinson

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