Your Guide to Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping

Your Guide to Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping

Use this plan to find the best gluten-free options at the grocery store.

Go to the grocery store without a list and it’s easy to lose focus—maybe you find yourself lost in the snack aisle when all you really needed was a gallon of milk and some fresh greens.

Grocery shopping is even more challenging when you’re trying to follow a special diet, like eating gluten-free. Maybe you’re cutting back on gluten-containing foods (such as those with wheat, rye or barley) because you’ve found that you feel better when you cut back or because you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease. For people with celiac disease, eating foods containing gluten can cause their immune systems to damage the lining of the small intestine and create nutritional difficulties.

Use this guide to stock your grocery cart with a balanced variety of good-for-you gluten-free foods.

—Lindsay Westley

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