Your Guide to Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping (Page 5)

In the bulk-foods section.

In the Bulk-Foods Section

It may be tempting to take home a bag of gluten-free flour or quinoa from the bulk-foods section, but be careful: bulk bins are often a source of cross-contamination. "It’s really best not to eat from bulk bins unless it’s a gluten-free section," Bast says. "You never know if the bins have been thoroughly cleaned between products or if someone has used a scoop for corn flour after using it in the wheat-flour bin."

If there isn’t a dedicated gluten-free bulk bin section, buy extra and split the goods with a friend for similar cost savings without the danger of contamination. Store flour in the fridge or freezer, as introduced moisture can cause gluten-free flours to spoil quickly. This is especially true of flours made from nuts, seeds or whole grains, as their high fat content means they can go rancid quickly. Just be sure to allow enough time to bring them to room temperature before using them in baking.

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