How to Eat Gluten-Free When You're Traveling (Page 3)

If you’re traveling by plane

If You’re Traveling by Plane

Most airlines now present options to select special meals when booking tickets. Ticking that box doesn’t guarantee that your request will be fulfilled, though—most airlines require confirmation between 24 and 96 hours prior to departure to ensure that your needs will be met. Your meal may be marked with a sticker that reads "GFML"—airline shorthand for a gluten-intolerant meal—but be sure that gluten-containing ingredients like dinner rolls or croutons haven’t been added at the last minute. For those occasions, it’s smart to have a backup plan, Koeller notes.

I often freeze a few slices of lunchmeat and bring it with me along with two slices of gluten-free bread," she says. "By the time I’ve gotten through security and have boarded the plane, it’s thawed and ready to eat. You can also ask for ice from vendors past the security lines to keep cold foods chilled on longer trips."

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