Are Your Tummy Ills All in Your Head?

By Karen Ansel, M.S., R.D., "Are Your Tummy Ills All in Your Head?," March/April 2011

Stress may be causing your stomach ache. Find foods to help.

Yogurt: You’ve heard that probiotics (good-for-you bacteria in foods like yogurt) can improve digestive health—and there’s some evidence they might. Now a British Journal of Nutrition study indicates they may alleviate stress as well. Study participants who took a probiotic supplement felt less stress, depression and anxiety than those who received a placebo. “Probiotics are very strain-specific, meaning that each strain has unique and distinct benefits,” says D. Milton Stokes, M.P.H., R.D., co-author of Flat Belly Diet! for Men (Rodale, 2009). “While this study looked at only two specific strains [that aren’t currently available to consumers in foods], it provides encouraging evidence that probiotics may have a beneficial impact on the mind-gut connection.”

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