Healthy Cholesterol: Whole Grain Tips for Reducing Cholesterol Video

Eating whole grains such as oats, and lentils can help you manage cholesterol levels—see how our food and nutrition editors prepare easy, healthy whole grain meals and snacks that help you keep cholesterol in check without compromising flavor.

High Blood Pressure: Tips for Reducing Sodium in Cooking Video

Most Americans eat nearly twice the amount of salt they should; learn how to flavor food with tasty sodium alternatives like fresh citrus juice and herbs, and help reduce your risk for hypertension.

Build a Healthier Lunchbox: The Wrap Video

Don't spend your lunch hour driving around looking for food—pack a healthy lunch including our easy and delicious veggie wrap, a healthy side and a high-protein afternoon snack to keep your energy up through the entire day.

Healthy Snack Tips: Cereal Snack Mix Video

Cereal doesn’t have to be limited to your morning bowl; mix it up with other low-calorie, delicious and heart-healthy ingredients to make a great on-the-go snack for anytime, anywhere. This video will show you how quickly you can throw together a tasty cereal-based snack.

Portion Control: Divide Your Plate Video

A simple way to ensure healthy, balanced eating is to learn how to divide your plate among carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables, so that you’re getting the right amount of food from each group. Learn how to effectively divide your plate to get the most out of a balanced, healthy meal.

Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas Video

3 “Magic” Breakfast Ingredients to Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Research has proven that people who are most successful at losing weight eat breakfast every day. Start your day with a healthy, energizing and metabolism-revving breakfast using the 3 “magic” ingredients: whole grains, lean protein and fruit.

Diabetes Diet: Healthy Whole Grain Recipes Video

Whole grains keep your blood sugar from spiking, so eating a diet full of whole grains like bulgur and whole-wheat couscous can help you control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. Discover two quick, delicious whole-grain meals that will help keep your blood sugar in balance.

Build a Healthier Lunchbox: Three Ingredients Video

What are the 3 “magic” ingredients for a perfectly balanced and healthy lunch? The answer: whole grains, lean protein and fruits and vegetables. Watch the EatingWell staff combine these ingredients to create a meal that is energy-packed and will leave you feeling fuller longer.

Healthy Snack Tips: Cheesy Popcorn Video

Popcorn is an easy-to-make, healthy and very low-calorie snack that is not only easy to spice up but also entirely portable. Choose low-fat or unbuttered popcorn and discover new ways to add low-calorie flavor. Watch how the EatingWell staff creates a delicious popcorn treat.

How to Sneak Veggies into Family Meals Video

Slipping vegetables into your favorite pasta dish—or any dish for that matter—will actually fill you up faster, causing you to consume fewer calories while benefiting from an additional serving of fiber-packed veggies. Watch this video to see how delicious EatingWell’s Mac & Cheese looks with an extra layer of fiber- and folate-rich spinach.

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