First things: Get a good quality chocolate chip. You can really taste the chocolate chips in this (they make up close to 50% of the flavor), and if you use a cheaper brand you'll definitely taste it. I used Nestle, and I wish I would have gone with a higher quality bakers chocolate instead. The "pudding" is basically like a runny chocolate sauce, you can definitely taste the coffee in it. It's nice, because it works as a frosting so you can cut a slice and then drizzle it with the sauce. You can really taste the whole-wheat flour, my roommate said it made the cake have an under taste of pancake mix. The cake I made was definitely a little dry, but I bought ice cream to go with it, so it made up for the dryness. It's not the best cake, but it's better than those pre-made cake mixes, and it's great for mixing with ice-cream. I'll make it again because I have a bunch of ingredients left over, but after I run out I'll probably try a different recipe.
Another pro: this is a very easy to make cake. I don't have a mixer (only a whisk), and I found this to be very convenient. It only took about 10 min. to get everything mixed and in the oven.
So, if you're looking for something you can make quickly and easily this is a great option.

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Chocolate-Fudge Pudding Cake
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