I make a great breakfast sandwich.

whole wheat english muffin - toasted
2 oz egg substitute (guessing)
chopped green bell pepper
chopped vidalia onion
2 slices of lunchmeat turkey
1/2 slice american cheese
2 tsp salsa
black pepper
smart balance butter substitute

HINT: every week i finely chop a vidalia onion and a green bell pepper, then dry on paper towels for 1/2 hr. then I put into separate plastic containers in the refrigerator so I can add to my cooking any time.


toast the english muffin, light smear of smart balance while warm.

using small omelette pan, spray pan then brown the turkey and add black pepper to taste. it will take on a crispy bacon-like texture and place on 1/2 of the muffin. Cook egg substitute and add onions & peppers (1 tbl of each or more if you like.) melt the 1/2 slice of american cheese onto eggs, then add to sandwich. top with salsa. put other half of muffin on top.

the whole thing comes out to approx 250 calories

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Quick Breakfast Taco
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