Well the zest and orange liqueur are certainly a very nice flavoring.. And using a microwave really makes sense when working with chocolate.I don't understand the need for straining the liquid. In fact, the recipe is needlessly complicated. I would combine the orange flavorings, liqueur and whipping cream and add this into a microwave-safe bowl containing the chocolate, which should have been chopped into 1/2" pieces, and just microwave it all together! The liquid helps greatly in transferring the heat to the chocolate to melt it. Be a bit careful with this--you don't want to over-heat the chocolate--some microwaves are very powerful! Give it just a minute total to start You really only want to heat the mixture to around 120 degrees F max. There might still be some solid chunks of chocolate but if you let the bowl sit for a couple of minutes they will melt. Then just stir the mixture vigorously for about a minute and you should have a nice ganache!

I also think this recipe is needlessly sweet! I would skip the sugar, and use a higher cacoa percentage chocolate, such as 70% dark (which likewise means less sugar). Many deserts are far too sweet, at the expense of actual flavor! The liqueur and orange juice are sweet enough. Of course personal preference comes into play, but I would taste the liquid before considering sugar.

For the coating, again, this recipe makes me nervous with the amount of microwaving suggested. Be careful not to overheat the chocolate. In fact, ideally it would be good to temper the chocolate by heating it no higher than 120degrees, pouring most of it onto a cool surface (e.g. marble) to chill it down to 75-80, then heating it just up to 90, for ease of use. You can use an icing spatula and a stainless steel plastering blade (5" wide, around $8 at hardware stores) for handling chocolate. Tempering the chocolate will give it a nice crunchy texture. You should wear thin latex gloves to handle the balls, too.

Just my opinion as a chocolatier.

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