I am one of those people who hates when people majorly tweak a recipe and then rate it. I realize I'm doing it so please forgive me!

I stir-fried instead of grilled because it started raining and used 1 1/2 lbs of chicken breast. Used lemon zest as an alternative to lemongrass, swapped kohlrabi for broccoli and added an ear of fresh corn. Skipped the radish and peanuts and served over jasmine rice. Quickly sauteed the cabbage in the dressing and served it as a side and that was a nightmare. It semi-froze in my fridge so that may have been a big part of the problem as it was very water-logged.

The flavor should have been fairly consistent with the recipe and we found it boring. Had to add a tsp of soy sauce (which I NEVER do) to each serving to add some zing.

Took too long to make on a busy weeknight and too many other amazing EW recipes to consider making this again.

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