I live in New York City where the "Mexican" food is abysmal, because there is too much Caribbean influence here. I am originally from Southern California and I miss what I consider to be the good Mexican stuff. But why are black beans so common in "Mexican" recipes and prepared food? Where are the good old pinto beans they always used in southwestern Mexican food and the real refried beans deliciously made with fat, not vegetable oil? Is the Caribbean or the Mexican Caribbean coast style the supposedly "authentic" Mexican food now? I've been making a wonderful casserole for years without beans at all. Just layers of soft corn tortillas, with cheese(s), chopped fresh white onions and split black olives between the tortillas, with red or green (tomatillo) sauce on top (with a few chopped tomatoes and maybe some cilantro). What's wrong with that? Is it too simple and authentic? I won't even mention the real tamales from LA and the heavenly light chile rellenos stuffed with cheese instead of ... beef. Beef in a chile relleno Ugh! And where are albondigas meatball soup or chicken tortilla soup? Too bad most of you will never taste authentic Mexican food.

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Chilaquiles Casserole
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