I will try it ! Thanks ! And the other re-makes too.
I will rate this 3, so I can post.
Will use evap milk, creamier I think, and 1T lemon juice or vinegar to turn it into buttermilk.
Skip the thyme and salt.
Use fresh green beans I got for 69 cents a # for the holiday, pre-cook.

One thing, housewives/cooks 55 yrs ago wanted fast and easy, and were easily persuaded to buy prepared and especially canned foods. Look at all the measuring here. Not that that will dissuade me, but for a busy mom the condensed soups were a Godsend.
And thats how we grew up not knowing how anything really was supposed taste. We were Campbell Kids, ha ha. It doesn't matter how many bananas I put in my banana nut bread, it cries for artificial flavor, that's the flavor I aim for.

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Green Bean Casserole
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