Unfortunately, I didn't like it.

Maybe it was the lower quality ice-cream I used? Maybe my freezer was to cold? But this didn't turn out very nice!

There weren't any pie crusts in the super-market at the time, suitable. So my girl friend and I made our own out of crushed up cookies. This was the only nice part of the dish. I used fresh cherries, pitted and quarted them. Added in a cheap ice-cream. Froze it. It turned out rock hard. Took 2 minutes just to hack a peice off. Allowing it to sit out for a while didn't help, as it made the ice-cream not taste nice, and took far to long to soften up. The cherries no longer tasted nice, and were also very hard.

Would have been nicer had I had the ice-cream with the fresh cherries on top, by themselves.

Although, in all honestly, I think this all may have came down to the poor quality ice-cream, and possibly the freezer being to cold, considering how much everyone else seems to have loved it.

Can't think of any.
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