Needs a few tiny tweaks, but overall DELICIOUS!!

These are the best salmon cakes I've ever had - and I've tried quite a few recipes, as I'm always looking for a way to use no-salt-added wild canned salmon. And the creamy dill sauce really makes the dish, so don't skip that element. But this recipe did need a few tweaks, and I'd suggest the following changes:

1. I added a tablespoon or two of mayonnaise as extra binder - I used 18 oz of salmon instead of 15 oz, so I needed the extra moisture to hold the cakes together. An additional egg (or some egg substitute) would work equally well.

2. Use less than the 1 3/4 cups of bread crumbs that the recipe calls for. I used what I had on hand, just store-bought low-sodium bread crumbs. Eyeball it - just mix the crumbs in with your hands, and you should be able to feel when you have enough crumbs in there.

3. Keep an eye on the cakes in the oven - remove them as soon as they get crisp and hot; for me, that was around 12 minutes.

The dill in the creamy dill sauce is really vital to the dish, as are the scallions - I used only dill in the sauce, no parsley. I also used a few drops of Tabasco, but we like things a little spicy. I served the cakes with lightly steamed broccolini with a squeeze of lemon on top. This recipe is fantastic, you just need to kind of feel your way as you go instead of following the recipe as written.

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Easy Salmon Cakes
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