Not Worth It

These cookies aren't bad, but I demand a lot from my desserts. I made them despite my better judgment, by which I mean all the concerning reviews I read on here. I read other's suggestions, including more butter or applesauce, but I don't think they fix the problems here. These also need amaretto or almond extract, because although these are about 50% pure almonds, they don't have anything close to the almond flavor that I would expect from an almond butter cookie.

My suggestion is to take a totally different butter/almond cookie recipe and make it healthier by using your judgement to substitute whole wheat flour, reduce butter, and/or replace sugar with honey. I'll be able to eat these and enjoy them, but I would not make this recipe, with any modifications, again.

Good use of healthy almonds
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Almond & Honey-Butter Cookies
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