I made this last night and enjoyed it! I did make changes however. I roasted the sweet potato and cauliflower on a baking sheet with only salt,pepper, lightly sprayed with oil for 15 mins, stir, then 15 more mins. I did use the tip to soak the veggies in water prior to baking and they turned out very tender!

I only marinated the boneless/skinless thighs in the yogurt mixture for only 30 mins (too hungry to wait). When there was about 15 mins left for the veggies to cook I put oil in a skillet and over med high heat cooked the thighs on the stove top and flipped once, cooking with lid on. They turned out very juicy and the oil (maybe a tbsp?) and the yogurt made it saucier.

I also served with brown rice. We really liked it. I was nervous it would turn out dry like some other members said, and was really worried because when I take liberties with a recipe it doesn't always turn out for the best! I'm sure the calorie count was higher for my version but I wasn't too concerned. The yogurt sauce is SO good, nice blend of flavor and some heat from the cayenne. Great way to use the cauliflower and sweet potatoes from our farm share, and chicken thighs are nice and cheap!

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