This was my first time cooking with edamame, though I've eaten several edamame recipes in the past. I made a few changes to the recipe, because, as a vegetarian, I'm always trying to find healthy ways of adding protein to a meal without just heading straight for dairy or eggs. Edamame is already pretty high protein, which is nice, but I threw in some seitan to amp it up a bit more and make it a bit heartier. Rather than serving over rice, I cooked up some quinoa, which is also great for protein as far as grains go. Instead of serving over the quinoa, I just mixed it all together. Rather than a stew, it was more like a hearty grain dish. I threw it in some tupperware and ate it for just about every meal over the next few days -- tons of protein and relatively low calorie -- and it was delicious cold too (what can I say, I don't have a microwave, and sometimes I just don't feel like firing up the stove). My only regret is that, although I love the concept of quinoa, I can't cook it properly to save my life. Overall, this was a great recipe, and I'll be trying it again soon.

easy, delicious, high protein
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Egyptian Edamame Stew
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