What’s your favorite whole grain?

11% (27 votes)
Brown Rice
19% (46 votes)
6% (15 votes)
2% (5 votes)
2% (4 votes)
Polenta (Cornmeal)
3% (7 votes)
14% (35 votes)
19% (47 votes)
0% (1 vote)
Wheat Berries
5% (13 votes)
Whole-Wheat Couscous
4% (10 votes)
Wild Rice
6% (15 votes)
Other, I'll tell you in the comments
7% (17 votes)
Total votes: 242
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Anonymous wrote 21 weeks 3 days ago

Buckwheat is not a grain.

Buckwheat is not a grain.

Anonymous wrote 30 weeks 46 min ago

I love buckwheat. I cook it

I love buckwheat. I cook it (make sure it's not too mushy, grains need to be pretty dry and falling apart) after roasting the grain. Then I fry an onion (I use a mix of sunflower oil and European-style butter) until golden and crispy and add it to the grain along with a few chopped hard-boiled eggs. It's delicious!

Anonymous wrote 2 years 20 weeks ago

I like Flax. Also, A

I like Flax. Also, A flax seed floating on an eyeball will collect grit etc and when easily removed leaves your eye clean and comfortable. I have tried this many times. My dad helped us this way when we wew kids on the farm in North Dakota, where most flax is grown.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 31 weeks ago

I like popcorn and never

I like popcorn and never think of it as a whole grain. I usually sprinkle it with my favorite curry powder mixed with sea salt. It's so good! I also like barley in home made beef soup and in my gramma's ham and vegetable barley soup.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 37 weeks ago

Buckwheat is my favorite.

Buckwheat is my favorite. Toasted buckwheat groats. Nutty.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 39 weeks ago



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