The Best Vegetable Peelers for Big and Small Jobs, According to Our Test Kitchen

Pile of potatoes to peel? Challenge accepted.
Rachel Roszmann
September 03, 2020
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  • Best Everyday Peeler
    Kuhn Rikon
  • Best Y-Peeler
    Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Y-peeler
  • Peeler with the Best Blemish Remover
    Swissmar Swiss Curve Straight Peeler
  • Best Euro Peeler
    Oxo Good Grips Swivel Peeler
  • Best Peeler for Tough Jobs
    Müeller 4 in 1 Swift Julienne Vegetable Peeler
  • Best Standard Peeler
    Rösle Standard Peeler
  • Best Euro Peeler (honorable mention)
    Zulay Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler
  • Best Y-Peeler (honorable mention)
    Rösle Crosswise
  • Peeler with the Best Blemish Remover (Honorable Mention)
    Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler

The vegetable peeler is one of the most basic tools any kitchen needs. It's also one of those tools that we tend to hold onto for a little too long or forget to replace until we really need a good one (ahem, Thanksgiving). Peelers come in different shapes with different features—it takes a lot of research to find the right one for your needs, and since you can't take carrots to the store with you, we did the research for you. This is our list of the best vegetable peelers we found, to make it easier for you to pick one out. Before you get started shopping, you should know the differences between the common types of peelers you might find.

Types of Peelers

Y-Peeler/Universal Peeler

Y-peelers or universal peelers are named for their shape and have gotten more popular in the last few years. They're designed so that both right-handed and left-handed cooks can work with them. To use Y-peelers, you have pull the swivel blade down the fruit or vegetable rather than push or pull across the produce.

Euro Peeler

Euro peelers are a bit more traditional and closer to what Grandma used in her kitchen than the Y-peeler. They have a blade attached to the handle, but there's also an arch that extends behind the blade. That gives the blade enough movement to adjust to the outer layer of the produce and move along with the surface instead making your hand do all the work.

Standard Peeler

If you don't like the instability of a swivel blade, you also have the option of the non-swivel blade with the standard peeler. It gives control to the person doing the work rather than using the fruit or vegetable as a guide. It works just as well as the other peelers—it just depends on how much blade movement you're comfortable with.

Best Vegetable Peelers

This is our list of the best vegetable peelers we found to make it easier for you to pick one.

Read on for details on what makes these peelers worth the money as well as the peelers that deserve an honorable mention.

Best Everyday Peeler

Courtesy Kuhn Rikon

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best strategy, and that really holds true for Kuhn Rikon's Original Swiss Peeler. This humble Y-peeler is super light with an extremely sharp carbon-steel blade that's easy to clean (just don't put it in the dishwasher—carbon steel rusts in the dishwasher). While it can handle a stack of carrots, it's also light and comfortable to hold—comfortable enough to peel an apple the way you would with a paring knife without taking off too much flesh. It's so simple yet so extraordinary (so is the price).

To buy: $14,

Best Y-Peeler

Courtesy Kyocera

The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Y-peeler is unique because it has a ceramic blade rather than a stainless-steel blade. One of its advantages is that it won’t rust, and if you’ve had any experience with peelers, you know that rust is almost inevitable. Other than that, it takes just enough skin off a potato, and with one stroke you’ll immediately feel just how smoothly and swiftly it does its job if you’ve been suffering with a bad peeler.

To buy: $12,

You might also consider:

Courtesy Rosle

The Rösle Crosswise is a very sturdy Y-peeler. It can take on the thick skin of citrus fruit, and peeling a carrot takes no effort at all. Additionally, both sides of the blade are sharp so you have the option of peeling toward the body or away from the body. What sets this Y-peeler apart from others is that it comes with a blemish remover (it looks like a little metal tab next to the blade). This is great for getting the eyes off potatoes and removing other blemishes on veggies and fruits. This one is also good if you prefer heavy peelers—it's weighted for balance. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

To buy: $26,

Best Euro Peeler

Courtesy OXO

Known for making quality kitchen tools, OXO has a reputation to uphold and doesn't disappoint with the Good Grips Swivel Peeler. It has OXO's signature ergonomic handle with a nonslip comfort grip to make peeling painless. It can take on jobs big and small but it does especially well with fruits and vegetables that have irregular shapes, like ginger. One reviewer even said it treated a pound of sweet potatoes like butter.

To buy: $10,

You might also consider:

Peeling is effortless with the Zulay Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler. Peeling a whole sweet potato takes under 30 seconds with this tool. It's a sturdy peeler with a comfortable grip that won't easily slip out of your hand if you're doing a big job, and it's heavy enough that you won't accidentally throw it out with a pile of peels. One Amazon customer said, "Peels out better than my 1954 Thunderbird!" Don't worry about how long it will last—this peeler has a lifetime warranty that guarantees it won't rust or break.

To buy: $7,

Peeler with the Best Blemish Remover

Courtesy Swissmar

This peeler exceeds expectations. If you're tasked with peeling potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner, the Swissmar can help you get the job done in a flash. It takes very little effort to use and the sharp blades leave a sheen on a potato like a freshly groomed ice rink. As a bonus, the blemish remover can scoop out black spots and the eye of a potato in one motion.

To buy: $12,

You might also consider:

Courtesy Spring Chef

If you have a dull peeler you need to replace, the Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler might just blow your mind—skin flies off potatoes and carrots with just a few strokes. If you have a big meal to prep for, this peeler can speed up the process. Unlike most peelers, this one has a grip to fit your fingers so you can really grab hold of it and peel. It's also slightly heavier than others, which makes it feel substantial when you're skinning an apple.

To buy: $9,

Best Peeler for Tough Jobs

Courtesy Mueller

If you have a tough peeling job to do, the Müeller is what you want. It can take on thick skins like butternut squash, eggplant or turnips that would ruin lighter peelers. But the benefits don't end there—its julienne blades and citrus peeler make it a great bar tool—if you've struggled to get your martini with a twist just right, the Müeller can help you out. And corn lovers, take note: There's a curved blade just for stripping corn off the cob—it's perfect for making dips with all your summer sweet corn. If that's not enough to convince you to get it, one reviewer and culinary professional says this is the peeler to buy if you want to be more effective in the kitchen.

To buy: $10,

Best Standard Peeler

Courtesy Rösle

Rösle produces high-quality kitchen tools in general and the Rösle Standard Peeler is an excellent example of that. This peeler is for people who might not like the moving parts of the swivel peeler—the dual blades are affixed to the handle so that they don't move while you're skimming off the outer layer of your carrot or potato using your left hand or right hand, peeling in any direction. This peeler also has an exceptional blemish remover—unlike some of the other peelers, the blade comes to a sharp point at the end that is really good for digging out deep imperfections as well as shallow ones.

To buy: $23,