How to Add Wine to a Healthy Diet

Wine Lovers Appreciate Small Indulgences

Cutting down on wine may seem like a sacrifice. But making really good wine an occasional indulgence and cutting mediocre wine out of your diet may be more satisfying than you'd think. Just like a square of amazing chocolate is far better than an entire bar of average chocolate, a single glass of your favorite wine is better than an entire bottle of wine about which you don't feel that strongly.

This kind of logic also applies to pairing a great wine with a delicious meal. By putting this amount of thought into an occasional meal, you're already thinking about the food you eat. While it may not be the most scientific method, having this appreciation and respect for what you eat and drink helps you to identify the foods that might not be worth your time.

In the end, whether wine can be part of your diet should be up to you. If you feel that you can balance your alcohol intake with the food you eat, give it a try.

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