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Salsa Palermitana

Pictured Recipe: Salsa Palermitana

Salsa Palermitana

Chef Bartolotta learned how to make this sauce while he was apprenticing in a restaurant in Palermo in the 1980s. He says, “Before opening Bartolotta, Ristorante di Mare I never once made this dish in nearly 20 years of cooking in the United States and I cannot tell you why. What I can tell you is that as soon as I got my first shipment of Italian-speaking fish from the Mediterranean, a big-eyed spotted red bream called Occhiona winked at me and was begging me to bake him ‘alla Palermitana,’ in the style of Palermo, because even that fish had nostalgia for his homeland. Sautéed garlic, rich green ­Sicilian olive oil, briny capers and olives, tomatoes, fresh oregano, lemon juice and lemon oil from the lemon all belong together, like cousins.” The combination creates a true flavor explosion that’s as wonderful on pasta as it is on grilled or roasted fish.

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