5 Star Chefs & Their Best Pasta Sauce Recipes (Page 10)

Pictured Recipe: Salsa alla Capricciosa

Salsa alla Capricciosa

This is a beautifully simple, but full-flavored sauce from Lidia Bastianich. She told us, “This is a variation of one of the sauces from my jarred-sauce line, Lidia’s. Whenever we make a new batch, I go to the production facility, lab coat, hairnet and all, and oversee its production. It’s easy to make a big batch at home, then freeze some in pint containers for that day when unexpected guests arrive or you had a rough day at work.” Serve over spaghetti or linguine, tossing the cooked pasta with half the sauce and some Grana Padano cheese, serving the rest of the sauce on top and passing more cheese.

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